Sterling Custom Sheet Metal Vision and Culture Statement

At Sterling Custom Sheet Metal, we believe our success derives from our staff members’ and customers’ contributions. The past is a lesson, the future our vision, and we move forward with our eyes fixed on oursuccess.

At Sterling Custom Sheet Metal, we work and live by these principles:

  • Be kind to one another-Be honest, accountable, and trustworthy. Respect your timeand that of others. Respect other’s beliefs andopinions. Say what you mean–Meanwhat you say. Do the right thing.

  • Make money honestly to the benefit of the customer–Go above and beyond expectations. Listen and be empathetic.

  • Create long-term win-win relationships. Be fair. Respect what others bring to the table. Value our jobs and contribute to them.
  • Provide the opportunity to flourish and be creative–Inspire confidence and collaboration.

  • Focus on the future–Learn from the past–Make the present

  • Embrace diversity and inclusion–Reward achievement and performance and promote professional and personal development.
  • Create the frameworks and processes that will help us grow. Be part of our success story.