Sterling Custom Sheet Metal (SCSM) was founded in the summer of 1983 under a fine oak tree atop pallets and plywood. Sterling Combs, with customer’s orders on hand, a master sheet metal worker, along with 20 plus years of experience under his belt, began the journey of SCSM.

Sterling had just returned from Saudi Arabia after designing, building, and outfitting one of the largest sheet metal facilities at that time in Al Jabul. This facility was fully automated with the best equipment and the dream to air‐condition the Kingdom.

After fulfilling his contract as Operations Manager and quite frankly cooling down most of Arabia, Sterling took his family home.

Here is where Sterling found himself under a tree, with a building slab behind schedule and work to be done. Now you would have to know what kind of man Sterling is; if you said impossible, he would say hold my beer. This man has so much metal in his blood that when he sweats, he starts to rust. Sterling married the love of his life and a great woman, Marianne.

She watched her husband work as hard as he could in between the Texas rainstorms. Covering and uncovering the equipment with tarps hoping the slab would get done soon. He never stopped or gave up; he moved forward like a locomotive on a straight track.

This company was Sterling’s dream since he was young, under a tree or in a state‐ofthe‐ art shop, he was a company owner. Not just any company owner, a Sheet Metal Company Owner. Sterling Best, his father, was so proud. The company moved from one shop to another, the last one bigger than the one before, and eventually building their own in Magnolia Tx.

Still today, Sterling is grateful for that big oak tree weeks of service. The tree became the center stage in our logo. He finished those orders and delivered the highest quality product on time.

In 2001, after serving in the US Marine Corp, Sterling Kidd Combs joined the company and worked alongside his father. At this time, the logo was changed to include the rising “son.” Over the years, father and son worked together to push SCSM to the most stringent standards and quality. Kidd learned every aspect of the business, from the fundamentals of Mechanical Design to its day‐to‐day operations;

He learned the company’s ins and outs of purchasing, sales, and management and brought a fresh perspective to the company. Kidd was the main millwright for the company for a good portion of his life.

After building Sterling Custom for 35 years, Mr. Sterling decided to semi‐retire, and Kidd took over the family business. Between the two, they kept their roots and grew the company into what Sterling Custom is today. Mr. Sterling has taken a muchdeserved position in retirement and shares in the company’s interest. If you ask him, he will still insist the retirement was the product of a coup.

At 71 plus years of age, Mr. Sterling can still outwork most young men. His legacy is the high‐quality metal that Sterling Custom produces today and the fundamental principle that success is achieved with honesty, hard work, and dedication.

SCSM manufactures material to order of the highest quality and delivers on time. As we have evolved, we have not forgotten our roots and the legacy of Mr. Sterling; we build the highest quality product in the business.

At Sterling Custom, we always strive for innovation to bring the most innovative product to market. We chose value over profit, the value our customer needs to meet their demands. Our latest innovation and flagship product, our foam insulated Grill Box, we call “Sterling Best Sealed.” Named after Sterling’s father, Sterling Best Combs.

Sterling Best, a navy sailor, was the definition of a sheet metal worker; perfection was his motto. He valued every penny it took to do a job correctly; nothing went to waste, and you better watch out if you left screws at the worksite.

Sterling Custom Sheet Metal is a company of solid family roots; three generations have influenced how we conduct business at Sterling Custom. For 38 years, three generations have stood by what Sterling Custom Sheet Metal means, Quality, Innovation, and Value.